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The best media to advertise your business in the town of Marbella!

InfoBox  are the best advertising formats in outdoor furniture for your business in Marbella. Thanks to the closeness of your company, you can keep your customers informed of your location and advertise in the most strategic places.


InfoBox Marbella

Located at the busiest areas in Marbella, these are the ideal media to advertise and raise your business’ exposure. The size and closeness of this format make it a spectacular resource.

InfoBox Residencial

Your business is in one of Marbella’s shopping areas. No problem, our directories for residential areas are really efficient in locating it.

InfoBox Industrial

If your business is on an industrial estate in Marbella, our directories for industrial estates are perfect to advertise your business.

Señalización Marbella S.L. is the licensed company in charge of placing, marketing, managing and maintaining InfoBoxes (advertising signs) as well as all the Institutional signs of the City of Marbella.

Señalización Marbella S.L. is made up and supported by an exceptionally talented group that has been leading the outdoor advertising arena on the Costa del Sol for over 30 years. From producing and placing advertising unipole signs and billboards to advertising on buses.

Our mission focuses on being the first outdoor advertising company in Marbella. We strive to offer added value to our customers whilst providing growth and income-boosting opportunities to our employees, our business partners and the communities where we operate. Honesty, justice and integrity are at the heart of everything we do.

Señalización Marbella S.L. takes it upon themselves to constantly improve all aspects in the outdoor advertising arena where we develop our operations (environment, society, economy) towards a future that is better than the present.

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Panoramic Formats

Measuring 1.50m wide and 1m high for the Premium model and 1.50m wide x 0.50m high for the Standard model, InfoBoxes are amazing formats for your business and will truly leave a mark.

Strategic Locations

Our media is placed in the most strategic locations in the city of Marbella, such as bus stops, taxi ranks, accesses to residential areas and industrial estates, the busiest areas near your business or target.

Guaranteed Profitability

InfoBox are a safe investment for your business, with a guaranteed ROI and an affordable format compared to other outdoor advertising in Marbella, such as Billboards and Buses.

Customized Circuits

Customized circuits help find the best locations for the adverts in line with your needs and targets. This means that we can guide your customer from one point in the city to your business.

Comprehensive Management

Regardless of your business, Señalización Marbella will help with your advertising campaign from start to end: from marketing management, planning and artwork, to the production and placement on the media.

Special Packages

We are aware that the outdoor advertising arena is growing quickly, that is why we have built special packages by seasons and units. Our Sales Department will guide you without obligation.

Why choose an Infobox?

Because they are the only advertising media that guide customers to your business in an efficient and spectacular manner:

  • Advertising space measuring 1.5m x 1m
  • On the street or near your business
  • Real Optimized Signage
  • Customized Circuits

Comprehensive Management

Customized Advice

We have a professional team who has spent over 15 years working in Outdoor Advertising.


Our main aim is to save you all the work. We will take care of it all from start to end.

Graphic Design & Artwork

If you don’t have your own professionals to design your advert, don’t worry, our Graphic Design department will take care of your campaign.

Production and Placement

We will take care of all the logistics and production related to placing your adverts on InfoBox.

Succes Stories

  • InfoBoxes have helped us attract customers who previously ignored our agency because they simply hadn’t heard of it as it isn’t on the high street.
    Beatriz Quintero
    Beatriz QuinteroTravel Agency
  • Thanks to the circuit suggested by Señalización Marbella, we managed to put an end to all our customer complaints about not being able to find our restaurant.
    Mark Stewar
    Mark StewarCafé Olé
  • We were looking for a way to advertise our café in the Guadalmina shopping centre and InfoBoxes were the perfect solution. They are amazing.
    Alica Deliebre
    Alica DeliebreDe Alicia Café