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Frequently Asked Questions InfoBox

With this section we aim to solve any doubts you may have on the signage formats in Marbella called InfoBox.
Where are the InfoBox located?

We have 200 advertising media spread strategically across the town of Marbella and located in the most influential areas, including Puerto Banús, Avda. Ricardo Soriano, La Cañada shopping centre, residential areas, high streets, N-340, industrial estates, urban centres, etc…

We are have exclusive control over all the signage media at taxi ranks (InfoTaxi) and bus stops (InfoBus) in Marbella.

¿How can I know the availability of InfoBox?

You can check the availability and location in real time of each InfoBox on the Geovallas.com website or by calling 951 307 091 or by simply sending your enquiry by email to: comercial@infobox.es. Alternatively, you can visit our offices at CC Guadalmina IV, Local 79, and our Sales Department will help you chose the best option for your campaign.

What type of advertising can Infobox display?

There are 4 media models to advertise on InfoBoxes in Marbella:

Premium InfoBox : These are 1.50m wide and 1m high.
Standard InfoBox : These are 1.50m wide and 0.5m high.
InfoTaxi : These are 1m wide and 1m high.
InfoBus : These are 1m wide and 1m high.

How can I rent an InfoBox?

It’s very easy, you can rent an InfoBox by phoning 951 307 091 or sending an email to: comercial@infobox.es. Alternatively, you can visit our offices at CC Guadalmina IV, Local 79, 29678 San Pedro Alcántara – Marbella.

How many Infobox can I rent?

You can rent as many InfoBoxes as you like as long as they are available at the time of your campaign.

¿Are there special rates depending on the number of InfoBox rented?

Indeed. There are special rates for campaigns with 5 or more InfoBoxes. Please contact our Sales Department for information on our special rates.

What is the minimum rental time for the InfoBox?

The minimum rental time is 3 months and the maximum is 1 year which can be extended at the end of the period.

Part of my InfoBox has come loose, do I have to pay for its repair?

No, Señalización Marbella will replace the vinyl sign at no extra cost.

How long will the printed vinyl sign last on my InfoBox?

Under normal circumstances, the vinyl sign placed by Señalización Marbella on its media has a 12-month guarantee from the moment it is fixed to the media. After those 12 months, we are no longer responsible for the fading colours or wear of the vinyl sign. In this case, Señalización Marbella may ask the customer to replace the vinyl sign if the media is giving a bad image because it is damaged or worn. Replacement costs are shown below.

Can I have 3D designs with objects coming out of the InfoBox?

No, you cannot add 3D objects. This is strictly forbidden.

Is there some kind of civil liability insurance for InfoBox?

Of course, all the advertising media we manage have civil liability insurance.

How do I pay for an InfoBox?

InfoBoxes are paid in advance once a month by direct debit when the invoice is issued.

How much is it to produce and display my advert on an InfoBox?

The price for the production, placement or replacement of panels depends on the media you choose:

Premium Media: 1,50 m x 1,0 m = 120 €
Standard Media: 1,50 m x 0,50 m = 60 €

InfoTaxi Media: 1,50 m x 1,0 m = 100 €
InfoBus Media: 1,50 m x 0,50 m = 100 €

Who can design my Infobox?

Your advertising agency should be qualified to design your InfoBox. Señalización Marbella is part of a company with over 15 years’ experience in the outdoor advertising design industry. Please contact us if you would like us to help design your InfoBox artwork.

How should I design my Infobox advert?
We design InfoBoxes using vectorial design applications, including Illustrator or InDesign, and we suggest that the artwork for this media is vectorized or traced. If it includes photographic elements, you simply need a 180pp resolution for the artwork. We suggest you use very short and straightforward sentences, and not to overdo the decoration as this hinders visibility of the media from a great distance or in motion. Please remember that even if you hire a large sized box, the main target is to help the customer spot your business.

For any other questions, please contact us through the form on the right of this page and our sales team will reply as soon as possible.


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